Areas of Operations

Regardless of size, complexity or challenging conditions, Bamrah has the capacity to deliver our clients' projects on-time, with quality and within budget. With more than 36 years of experience in serving the construction industry with impressive track records in our fields of expertise, equipped with most recent construction techniques and computerized systems, Bamrah Construction Company continues to operate with Grade One Qualification in Water Resources, Transportation, Industry and Mining, Infrastructure and Urban Facilities.

Our main areas of activities are summarized below:

Industrial Complexes: Manufacturing Plants, Production Factories, Buildings, Urban Facilities, Iron Ore Treatment Plants, Steel Mills, Power Generation Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Gas Turbine Power Plants, Oxygen Separation Plants and Copper Smelting Plants

Water Resources: Dams, Hydroelectric and Hydraulic Structures, Hydro Power Plants, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Pump Stations, Reservoirs, Water Diversion Tunnels, Pipelines and Supply Network for Water and Sewers

Underground Constructions: Potable Water and Irrigation Tunnels,Water Supply Tunnels, Water Diversion Tunnels, Underground Railway Networks (Metro), Traffic Tunnels and  Underground Structures

Infrastructure: Highway Bridges, Underground Railway Network (Metro), Reclamation of Land from Sea and Earth Works

Energy and Power: Gas Turbine Power Plants, Gas Condensate Refineries, Gas Treatment Plants, Heavy Concrete Structures and Pipe Racks in Refineries and Petrochemical Complexes