Gas Condensate Refinery

General Information:

  • Project Name: Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery
  • Client: Persian Gulf Star Oil Company
  • Location: Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery Site in Hormozgan Province, Iran
  • Consultant: Bina Consulting Engineers + Tehran Jonoob Company
  • Commencement Date: 2008
  • Project Status: Completed


Technical Information:

The refinery is a major sub-project under construction and Bamrah scope of work consists of producing 380,000 cubic meters of ready mix concrete and 68,000 cubic meters of pre-cast concrete mainly for pipe-racks, slippers, manholes, guard posts, curbs and etc.

Localization of Prefabricated Technology: Advancement of technology in producing high tech equipments and manufacturing heavy cranes leave less room for concerns in production and installation processes of heavy components of large structures such as pipe racks. Hence, by relying on improvement theory in construction, the need for efficiency has led mankind to utilize prefabricated technology of construction in building large structures. However, developing countries have always been resistant against adaptation and developments of such technologies.

Through successful adaptation and localization of prefabricated technology, Bamrah has managed to manufacture prefabricated structures in construction of various large scale projects within industrial complexes, infrastructure, petrochemical and oil and gas sectors. As the pioneer of prefabricated technology for manufacturing bars and poles for pipe-racks joined through couplers or lenton connections in the country, Bamrah has played a major role in introducing, localizing, creating trust and confidence for adaptation of such an efficient technology in Iranian construction industry.

As part of the initiative for adaptation of prefabricated technology in Bandar Abbas Gas Condensates Refinery Project, Bamrah prefabricated the required infrastructure of the refinery such as pipe racks and pipe slippers in accordance with international standards. In doing so Bamrah relied on its technical expertise, high-tech equipment, improved construction methods’ seminars led by senior experts and efficient (solid) quality control systems.

Harsh climate conditions and the resulting high corrosion in the Persian Gulf littoral (coastal) areas is a serious threat to the region’s structures. Bamrah however through conducting comprehensive surveys and performing rigorous tests in the concrete laboratory evaluating the use of different admixtures and composites such as micro silica and super plasticizers as well as reducing the water cement ratio managed to verify the optimal durability of the prefabricated concrete structures to last in such unforgiving climate conditions.

In addition to comprehensive quality control of the entire production process, Bamrah installed a number of pipe racks to demonstrate efficiency and swiftness of the installation process and standard tolerability of the structure of prefabricated pipe racks.