Oxygen Separation Plant

General Information:

  • Project Name: Khatoon Abad Copper Smelting Complex Oxygen Separation Plant
  • Client: National Iranian Copper Industries Company
  • Location: Khatoon Abad Copper Smelting Complex, Kerman, Iran
  • Consultant: Kahanroba Engineering Company
  • Commencement Date: 2010
  • Project Status: In Progress


Technical Information:

Copper Smelting Complex Air Separation Plant was awarded as an EPC contract. Scope of the project covers the engineering, procurement and construction of an Oxygen production plant including all the units, areas and the relevant internal sections with the capacity to produce 750 metric tons per day gaseous Oxygen with minimum purity of 95% at three different pressures and flow levels with liquid Oxygen back up as well as the production of gaseous and liquid back up Nitrogen. Main items are as follow:

  • Optimization and endorsement of basic design packages
  • Detail design and engineering
  • Field engineering
  • Procurement and supply of materials and equipments from inside and outside of Iran including two year spare parts and one year operation consumable materials
  • Special tools for construction and operation
  • Inspection, packaging, loading, transportation, unloading and insurance of equipments and materials
  • Construction of industrial and non-industrial structures and buildings
  • Erection
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Performance tests
  • Trainings