Earth Fill Dam

General Information:

  • Project Name: Sahand Earth Dam
  • Client: East Azerbaijan Regional Water Organization
  • Location: East Azerbaijan, 30 km of Town of Hashtrood, Iran
  • Consultant: Bandab Consulting Engineers
  • Commencement Date: 1995
  • Project Status: Completed


Technical Information:

The dam has a crown length of 500 meters, height of 49 meters and width of 10 meters at the crest constructed on Ghoango River.

The main items of project are as follows:

  • Excavation: 350,000 cubic meters
  • Embankment: 2,100,000 cubic meters
  • Two diversion tunnels with circular shaped cross section, each with an area of 12 square meters and length of 435 meters
  • Related works including 43,000 cubic meters earth work and 6,000 cubic meters concrete works in open and enclosed areas
  • Access and service roads of about 5.5 kilometers
  • Auxiliary buildings with an area of 1390 square meters and corresponding landscaping