Water Supply Tunnel

General Information:

  • Project Name: Semnan Water Supply Tunnel
  • Client: Tehran Regional Water Authorities
  • Location: Bashm Mountain in Province of Semnan, Iran
  • Consultant: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company
  • Commencement Date: 2000
  • Project Status: Completed 
  • Recognition: Ministry of Energy


Technical Information:

Semnan Water Supply Tunnel project was awarded as an EPC contract. Scope consisted of design, procurement and construction Semnan water supply tunnel which aimed to supply potable water for the city of Semnan from Roozieh Spring. Main items area as follows;

  • Design and execution of 3.3 kilometers tunnel with inner diameter of 4.5 meters with maximum overburden of 700 meters
  • Design, construction and installation of precast pipe slippers
  • Execution of pipe foundations and pipe holders along the tunnel
  • Installation of 1,000 millimeters G.R.P. pipe line inside the tunnel
  • Construction of one water reservoir with the capacity of 100 cubic meters at the tunnel exit