Quality Policy

Bamrah Construction Company has more than 37 years of first-hand experience in implementation and management of industrial and other development construction projects. With the help of its skilled and experienced personnel and by observing quality and technical principles in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Standards and Project Management Standards such as PMBOK, Bamrah has been an active and effective player in the development of the treasured land of Iran. To further improve the quality of its services, Bamrah has the following objectives on top of its agenda:

  • Delivery of quality services to fulfill the demands of clients and stakeholders and launching efforts for their increased satisfaction
  • Elevating the company’s position to the level of a credible EPC contractor at national and international levels, emphasizing compliance with international quality standards
  • Observing HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) principles to secure personnel’s health in the workplace and to protect the environment
  • On-going training of its personnel and promoting a culture of collective participation for the excellence of company services
  • Constant improvement of the quality management system through identifying, implementing and monitoring processes as well as setting proper quality objectives for the company and regular evaluation of the effectiveness of activities
  • Applying the latest technologies for the implementation of company projects
  • Applying integrated management systems and modern information technologies for the enhancement of company’s performance


It is worth noting that the company’s success depends on the participation and joint efforts of its entire workforce in the proper establishment and maintenance of quality standards and systems as well as the constant improvement of all company activities. The company management emphatically acknowledges that it will offer all-out support for setting the scene for the realization of the above-mentioned objectives.


 Managing Director

   Hassan Mahdi