Company Profile

Founded in April of 1976, Bamrah Construction Company is among the well known establishments in Iran’s construction industry. Stable management, innovative leadership, loyal associates and experienced managers along with efficient, educated, and talented staff equipped with most recent Construction Techniques and Computerized systems have enabled the company to become one of the leading contractors in the country.

All through these years, economic challenges have not hindered Bamrah from retaining its position as a prominent player in Iran’s construction industry and yet striving toward excellence in management and execution of wide range of industrial and infrastructural projects; successfully delivering engineering, procurement, project management and technical support services to large scale complex construction developments.

Thirty seven years on and Bamrah continues to be a dynamic and vibrant establishment that has constantly striven to stay ahead through a combination of quality, values, innovation and technology. In 2005, Bamrah expanded its services to EPC contracts and proudly continues to operate with Grade One Qualification in Water Resources, Transportation, Industry and Mining, Infrastructure and Urban Facilities.

We are a client driven and proud to be one of the most reputable within the industry as a sought-after partner for providing services to government and private sectors. We truly adhere to the principle values of Safety, Teamwork and Reputation in every level of our organization. We provide solutions that deliver projects on time, on budget with quality and safely; while doing our very best to protect the environment.

We have accumulated extensive experience in forming partnerships  and joint ventures; On our own and in cooperation, we have successfully completed many large scale national projects in various disciplines, consistently providing best quality in the shortest time with competitive cost, satisfying clients’ requirements and gaining trust by offering customized services, maintaining a long term working relationships.

Bamrah also works with many international technology providers and engineering firms and is an active member of “Association of Construction Companies”, “Iranian Tunneling Association”, “Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction Companies, APEC”, “Iran’s Technical and Engineering Services Export” and “Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture”.

The core of our vision is to be recognized by our clients as an excellent and reliable EPC contractor in our fields of expertise and gain international recognition as the specialist service provider of choice through commitment to global presence and culture. Given Bamrah’s accomplishments, the company is now seeking to expand its domain of operations to selected international areas.

 Our main areas of activities are summarized below:

Industrial Complexes

  • Iron Ore Treatment Plants
  • Oxygen Separation Plants
  • Copper Smelting Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Production Factories
  • Steel Mills


  • Highway Bridges
  • Underground Railways (Metro)
  • Transport Tunnels
  • Reclamation of Land from Sea and Earth Works

Water Resources

  • Dams, Hydroelectric and Hydraulic Structures
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Pump Stations and Reservoirs
  • Pipelines and Supply Network for Water, Sewers, Oil and Gas

Underground Constructions

  • Underground Railway Networks (Metro)
  • Water Diversion Tunnels
  • Water Supply Tunnels
  • Underground Structures

Energy and Power

  • Power Generation Plants
  • Gas Turbine Power Plants
  • Gas Condensate Refineries

Buildings, Urban Facilities and Development Projects

  • General and Specialized Medical Facilities
  • Residential and Commercial Complexes
  • Sport, Leisure and Public Facilities